Interactive Photo Album

This week I am creating a tutorial to make an interactive photo album scrapbook. There is a place for everything: pictures, journaling, stickers, ticket stubs and programs, or whatever it is that helps to turn your memories into a fun and unique story. I’ve made a few of these and they never fail to hold the attention of the reader. It makes a beautiful gift for friends and loved ones and is so much more engaging than a static photo album.

Inside Cover

This little photo album is a really awesome project. It will contain 6 interactive pages and 6 static pages on their backs. The front of each page will have some type of element to involve and entertain the reader. The backs are a place to add static pictures, designs, journal entries or stories. It’s really fun to fill this up with your pictures, thoughts and mementos and then decorate with stickers, gel pens, and washi tape. This is a gratifying project to make and not terribly complicated. I will start you off with the easiest page to create and each page will get progressively more complicated as your skill evolves.

I’ve provided detailed, step by step instructions with pictures and have included links to download the patterns. If you run into any snags, or have any questions, leave a message in the comments below. I’m happy to explain anything you don’t understand. If you do make this photo album I’d love to see your beautiful creation. Just post a picture and description in the comments.
Ready to get started? Click here!

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