Don’t get me wrong. I take this CoronaVirus/Covid-19 threat very seriously. I live in Dallas, TX, a hot spot for the virus, and we don’t appear to be flattening the curve. Aside from picking up groceries and craft supplies, I have been sheltering in place for several months. Anyone who wants to come to see me doesn’t get past the front porch and must wear a mask (except for the guy who drove his truck into my living room last month). Even my sister. My brother hasn’t been by since March! I’m social distancing like a boss! And I’m not sick. Social distancing works. Masks work. Follow the science, not the politics.

That said, I do think we can have fun with our PPE’s. I’ve made a lot of masks, some I’ve sold, most I’ve given away. I don’t think I would enjoy making them so much if I couldn’t decorate them. From kissy lips to fangs, kittens and bears, cotton to fur, blinged out in rhinestones or beads, in all colors. If you have a graphic, I can probably put it on a mask. I have to wonder if masks are going to be a part of the “New Normal” or if, once we get past this pandemic, they will just be a fond memory.

For now I think we can use our masks to get an important message out or to make others smile, or show a facet of our personality. I’m still trying to find a mask that makes my jaw drop because it’s just that cool!

I would love to see the masks that you’ve made. We are all just doing our part. Leave a comment below and a picture of what you got. I’m sure they are amazing!

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