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Update to Coat/Hat Racks

I thought I should post an update since I have been spending a lot of time making drawer pulls and Coat/Hat Racks. I’ve made a few more that I wanted to share with you. The first two are 3D printed bases that are covered with polymer clay cane slices. I dipped them in polyurethane a couple of times added some gold leafing and dipped again about 4 more times. I love the depth that is created by the multiple coats of polyurethane. Each coat has to dry at least 2 hours, so this can take a lot of time. Of course most of that time is spent literally watching the paint (polyurethane) dry.

No Smoking Plaque

My brother asked me for a simple laminated cardboard “No Smoking” sign. Of course I had to go bigger (at least nicer) and decided to make a plaque. I used vinyl lettering on a glass backsplash tile I bought at Home Depot.
The only snag was that he wants to hang it on the wall. Check out the hanger clips I designed to print on my 3D printer. They are the perfect solution!

Lacquer Boxes

I have always loved the look of lacquer boxes. They have so much depth and the colors are so vibrant.
Lacquer was first used by the Chinese, dating as far back as the late Neolithic period (3rd millennium BCE) and though the materials used are easier to obtain, the process has changed very little.
Learn how to make your own.