Interactive Photo Album
Page 3

Page 3 of this album is a pocket similar to the pocket you made for the first page. This pocket will contain balloon shaped objects linked together with a long ribbon. You can make as many balloons as the pocket will hold. I used 8 and it’s quite impressive as the balloons are pulled out of the pocket one at a time.
If you are hand cutting the objects you can download the pattern in a PDF file here.
If you are using a cutting machine you can download the SVG files archived in a ZIP file here.


Once you have the pattern downloaded, cut one pocket from your accent card stock and 6-8 balloons from your element card stock. Fold in the three undecorated flaps of the pocket

Glue the end of a 4 – 5 foot piece of ribbon to one of the side flaps of the pocket so that when the pocket is attached the ribbon will come out of the pocket at the top.
Glue the three tabs to the base with the cut design at the top.

Glue Tail to Pocket

Now using your hole punch put a hole in each of the balloons and thread the ribbon so that each balloon is face up and the ribbon runs down the back of each balloon.

Space the balloons on the ribbon so that there is a space about the size of one balloon between each balloon. Place a dot of glue in the center of the back of each balloon and attach the ribbon. Punch a hole at the small end of the pull tab and, leaving a space the size of a balloon between it and the last balloon, thread the end of the ribbon through the hole you just punched in the pull tab and tie a knot to hold it there

Pull the Tab

Stack the balloons on top of each other facing up. Slide them into the pocket with the pull tab sticking up.

Tuck into Pocket

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