Interactive Photo Album
Page 2

That first page was very simple and this one is only slightly more difficult. It is a booklet with a cover and several pages glued to each other. You can have as many pages as you like, I recommend 6-8. Pictures can be attached to the front and back of each page, so 6 pages will hold up to 12 pictures.
If you are cutting by hand you can download the pattern here. You will have to resize it to fit your album.
If you are using a cutting machine like a Cricut you can download the SVG files archived in a ZIP file here.

Once you download the pattern cut out one of the cover from your accent paper and 3-4 of the inside page from your elements paper.

Glue the back of one the pages to the back of the cover. Make sure the page is oriented correctly so that they all line up when the book is closed.

Glue the back of the next page to the back of the first page again checking that it is oriented correctly.

Glue the back of the next page to the back of the last page of the book so far and continue to glue the back of each of the remaining pages to the back of the last page glued.

Fold the pages together and with the cover on top glue the last page to your base page.

Close the book. If you like you can glue a piece of ribbon to the base to tie to the cover to keep the book closed.

That’s it. Page 2 is done. Good job!
On to page 3!

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