Interactive Photo Album
First Page

This first page is very simple. Just a pocket that holds 5 different pieces of pretty card stock decreasing in height by 1/2″. The pattern has five different design cut outs at the top of each piece. These can be used to hold pictures, memorabilia or journaling.


Base Pages

First choose your paper. I’m not great choosing colors, so this is probably the hardest part for me. You’ll need several pages of card stock for the base of each page, for each of the elements and for accenting those elements. I used about 12 pages total for all six pages.
Cut the six 5 x 6 inch base pages for each of the 6 interactive designs.
Punch holes about .25” in and down according to where the posts or rings are in your album. Mine were slightly over 1.5” and 4.5”.

Now to work on the first page. You can download the PDF patterns to print for this page here, or you will need to cut 5 pieces of card stock in 5 different colors or designs in the following dimensions:
4” x 2.5”
4” x 2.75”
4” x 3.25”
4” x 3.75”
4”x 4”
5″ x 4″ in an accent color for the pocket
Score .5” on the 5” sides of the largest piece and on one 4” side.
Fold back and forth to establish fold.
Glue the three flaps and place on base. If you have clips you can clip it while it dries.
Once dry, stack the remaining pieces smallest on top and place in pocket.
That’s it, you’re done! On to page 2.

1. Cut the corners where the score lines cross so there isn’t so much bulk.
2. Cut small strips of scrap paper, fold in half and put it between the clip and what I’m gluing so it doesn’t create indentations.
3. You can leave the tops of the pieces straight or cut your own designs using wavy border scissors or an Exacto blade.

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