I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. It isn’t that I haven’t been crafting, it’s just that February was an incredibly busy month for me. First I rescued a mixed breed (possibly a Labrador mix) 8 month old puppy. She is wonderful, though she seems to suffer some PTSD, possibly from neglect by her previous owners. She weighs about 40 pounds and is still growing, so she isn’t going to be a small dog, and I have fallen in love with her. She needed some training; I don’t think she had ever been in a house since she was not potty trained. She picked up everything so quickly, she’s a really smart cookie. She can now sit, stay, lay down, spin, drop it, and totally understands no. She had never been on a leash, and was terrified of the car. Now we go on walks in the neighborhood every day and drive to nearby dog parks.
After a year of staying home and not visiting even family I finally got to go visit my daughter and grandchildren. My grandson and I spent many hours assembling the 3D printer I sent them for Christmas and he had no problems working the programs needed to use it, He created a key chain with his name embossed on it and printed it out pretty much on his own. He feels very confident that he can either create things to print or find files online and send those to the printer. He’s 12 so this is something that really interested him. He’s proud of himself that he will be able to teach everyone in his family to use the printer. Such a brilliant boy! 3D printing is not difficult, but I had to take a college course to learn how it’s done.
It was a wonderful visit and a great test of my Fiat 500 that I just bought. This tiny car gets 40 MPG so it only cost me like $100 round trip for gas! I missed everyone so much and it was great catching up. I only stayed for 8 days, but I always like to leave before they get tired of me. I say “Always leave them wanting more!”
Next month I am flying to Portland to visit with my son and his partner. Air fare has really dropped in price during the last year and I got a deal I just could not pass up on tickets. They just bought a house together and I can’t wait to see what they’ve done with it. I will bet that there are so many useful, crafty things I can make for them.
When I got back from visiting my daughter, I had to take a Covid test because my mom had not gotten her first vaccine shot and I didn’t want to bring it home with me. I stayed with my sister until the I got the results back, but because of the harsh winter storms the previous week, the lab was backed up and 5 days later I still had not heard from the lab. I did get my first vaccine during that week. I get my second shot right before I fly to Portland. Dallas is really getting the vaccines into the arms of those that want them. My entire family has received at least the first shot!
After nearly 2 weeks of being away from my studio, I was really ready to get home. So I didn’t actually get to craft very much in February. Aside from it being a short month I only had 2 weeks to spend with my machines and supplies. I really missed the peacocks. Jack especially has been the inspiration for many of my crafts, and he’s been putting on a show every evening at feeding time! I tried my hand at hand painting some masks. They turned out well. At least they look like I wanted them to.. My 3D printer has been running 24/7 since i got back, and now I’m waiting on the vinyl so can put racing stripes on my Fiat. I’ll take pictures of the process.
Although this wasn’t a very crafty post, I felt like I should update those of you who follow my blog. I didn’t forget about you, and the 50+ comments I received while I was gone, assured me you didn’t forget about me either! Thank you for that!

Jasmine <3
Fiat 500
Jack putting on a show
Texas Bluebonnets
Jasmine brings me flowers!
His tail feathers are so long!

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