No Smoking Plaque

My brother asked me for a simple laminated cardboard “No Smoking” sign. Of course I had to go bigger (at least nicer) and decided to make a plaque. I used vinyl lettering on a glass backsplash tile I bought at Home Depot.
The only snag was that he wants to hang it on the wall. I’ve seen and made lots of these plaques for addresses and for Mother’s and Father’s Day. Of course they didn’t say No Smoking. I used plate stands to display the plaques I’ve made. I have seen where others have glued picture hangers or pop can tops on to the back. I don’t trust that the glue won’t degrade because I don’t think the tile will survive falling on his concrete porch.

So I designed hanger clips that I could print on my 3D printer. They needed to be easy to use, quick to print, subtle, and dependable. These took less than 30 minutes to print and used about $.013 worth of filament. You simply line them up as shown in the picture to the right and attach them to the wall with one or two screws each , Then slide the tile into the slots at the bottom. They are small enough to be inconspicuous and because it supports the plaque from the bottom, there is little danger that the plaque will fall. You can download this file here to import into your 3D printer’s slicing program.

hanger clips for glass tiles
Tile with hanger clips

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