Lit Address Sign

Address Sign, Lights On

For Christmas I made these lit up address signs for some of my neighbors. These have a definite “Wow!” factor when lit up. I really think my neighbors will like them, I know I do.

Lit Up Address Sign, Lights off
Back of the Address Sign

These are pretty easy to make. I buy the tiles at Home Depot in the flooring department for around $1.60 each. I then cut the house number and street name out of vinyl using my Cricut cutting machine. I then position the house number first, then lay the street name on top of that. I use a string of 10-20 fairy lights (Dollar Tree) and spread them out evenly around the edge of the tile. It’s important to place the lights on the side edge. The tile distributes the light through the glass like a fiber optic light strand. I then glue the wires leading to each light to the back of the tile. I cut another piece of vinyl (with a slit for the lead wire) to fit the back of the tile. Use a blow dryer on high to melt the vinyl so it forms around the wires and sticks securely to the back. Glue the battery box to the center bottom of the back, making sure you can access the switch. It is held together more securely with a rubber band. Set it on its side using the battery box as a stand. Click the switch to the lights to the on position.
There ya’ go! It’s a really cool gift that costs under $5 and 30 minutes to make.

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