Handmade Gifts for Men

Finding gifts for the men in our life can be difficult. Men never outgrow their love of their toys, they just get more expensive. Add to that the fact that if they find a new toy they want, many times they buy if for themselves. The men in my life generally do their homework and know exactly what model or type is the best. I do not, so I’m never confident that I am getting him what he actually wants. I’m not proud of it, but I can’t tell you how many gift cards I’ve given because I hate giving the wrong gift.
Crafting handmade gifts gets me past that, but it’s difficult to find original, useful and wanted gifts for men. I’ve made a list of just such gifts. Thoughtful gifts that show them just how much you care. A gift that he had no idea was essential, and quickly become indispensable. One year I made baskets of skin care products for the many men in my life. Most were hand made like the the bath bomb that looked like an actual bomb, I included masks, an exfoliate, moisturizer, A crocheted soap holder and wash cloths and a hand woven bath mat all done in a camouflaged print, and a custom t shirt. The guys actually loved it and learned to use products to keep their skin healthy.


Every man needs a comfy pair of slippers to help him relax. This pair fits the bill. They are easy to make and will only take a couple of evenings to complete. You can find the free pattern here.

Zen Box

A zen garden made from a cigar box for his office at home or at work. This garden is filled with a faux water feature made with blue glass and moss, and many different types of stones including agates and laboradite, and a rake that my granddaughter calls a hippie stick. It is easy to make. I used green felt, river rocks glued to craft foam and the rake is made with dowel rods and big hole beads, The hardest part was collecting all of the stones.

Crocheted hats – Since it’s become a good idea that everyone wears a mask and it’s mandated in some places these hats are right on time:

Beard Hat by our7acres.com

This hat is a lot of fun. If you want to use it as a mask don’t crochet a mouth hole, or if you do, close it up. You can find this free pattern courtesy of Our 7 Acres here.

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