Multi-Use Storage Solution

I love storage ideas that perform double duty, like a storage container that works as a note board because I painted the top with chalkboard paint. So when I saw this idea at I was immediately inspired to see how many functions this little crate could serve. I knew I could turn this into a storage solution that would not only perform double or even triple duty but even more.

Instead of a piece of plywood for the seat I used a wooden tray. I had several of these trays, so I chose one without legs. Using a staple gun I attached three sides of some simulated leather I had on hand to the underside of the tray. I allowed enough room to insert a piece of foam about 3 inches thick, cut to size. I then stapled the fourth side to the tray, flipped it over and placed it on top of the crate. A near perfect fit. I drilled a hole in each corner of the bottom and inserted the wheels, then glued them in place with the glue gun.

So there’s the 2 original functions; storage and a seat. Flip the seat over and it’s a table; function 3!  Then, because the tray is padded on the bottom, it can be used as a lap tray; function number 4!  Now this seat won’t support anyone over about 150 pounds but it definitely would be perfect for a teenager’s room or children’s playroom. 

I don’t know why I get so excited when I find or design something that can perform so many functions, but I do. So I am thrilled to share this idea and hope you are inspired to find even more uses!

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