Creality Ender 3 3D Printer

I own a Creality Ender 3 3D printer and I love it!

It’s not my first 3D printer. I had a Dogma Neva 3D printer, but it never really worked right. I got a few decent prints, but most of the time was spent troubleshooting instead of printing. On top of that, their site is in French and my high school french was never very good, but tack on 40 years of never using it and the fact that most of what was on the site didn’t exist 40 years ago and my french was useless.

The Creality Ender 3 3D printer is exceptional! It has the features of a high end printer, plus you can print a lot of upgrades. I bought a package of 6 mirrors at Home Depot for around $10 and cut one to size and that’s what I use for the print bed. I’ve had the printer now for about 6 months and I’ve had very few issues, and nothing I couldn’t fix.
One problem I have is the Z axis gets loose and I have to tighten the screws occasionally, and I’ve broken 1 mirror because it is doing such a great job holding the object that I sometimes have a difficult time getting it off the print bed. I do have a difficult time feeding the filament into the extruder, but it’s no more difficult than the Neva was.
You will need to learn some new software. I use the free software Ultimaker Cura for slicing the object. Slicing tells the printer how to lay the filament layer by layer. It is easy to learn and converts the STL files into the GCODE files that your printer uses. It has tons of options, but you can use what it recommends. I use Fusion 360 by AutoDesk and Tinkercad also by AutoDesk to design objects. I took a Fusion 360 class for free from the University of Illinois via Coursera and learned enough to get me started, plus by taking the class I got a 3 year educational license for free. Fusion 360 is a subscription based software that charges $45 per month, so that is a substantial savings. I use Tinkercad for quick designs. It’s a free web based software that is very easy to learn and use.


Replace print bed with a mirror cut to size.
Go to and search for the following files:
Print a cover for the fan.
Print a cover for the back of the LCD display.
Print cable clips.
Print a bigger lever for loading the filament.
Print a tool drawer.
Run a search for Ender 3. There are a ton of printable upgrades.

Take a class.

Now the reason for this post at this time is I found a super deal on the Creality Ender 3 3D printer. I bought mine several months ago for $240 and I feel like it was worth every penny.
The Creality web site store is having an end of summer sale. They have this 3D printer, the same 3D printer I own and love, for just $167 total! Free shipping and no tax. That’s an amazing price but I found a promotional code for another $12 off. Just enter the promotional code: CRAZYENDER3USA and you will be charged only $155 total. Again, no tax and free shipping! That’s like $100 less than I paid for it earlier this year. This is a really amazing deal on an exceptional machine. I actually just bought 2 more. One for my son and one for my grandchildren. Because I bought 2, I received an additional $20 discount, bringing the price down to $145 each! I really love a good deal and this one can’t be beat. This is an excellent Christmas gift, though I doubt I will be able to hold off letting them use it until Christmas. If you buy one, let me know in the comments below.

Afilliation Disclaimer

Just so you know, I don’t have any affiliation with Creality, Home Depot, Coursera, AutoDesk or any other companies I have mentioned in this post. I do not receive any type of compensation, money or product from them. My opinion is my own, and is not biased by anything more than the fact that I use these company’s products or services.

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