Pop Up & Interactive Cards

Just about everyone loves to get cards. We get them at the most important times of our life. Birthdays, weddings, new home, anniversaries, sympathy, get well, thank you, announcements, invitations and so many more. I like the ones that have cash or gift cards, but I really love the interactive and 3D pop up cards the best.
Pop up cards have become very popular, but they can be very expensive. I have seen them sell for as much as $20. I am not about to spend that much for a card that isn’t even custom or original. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to create fun and beautiful cards with a professional look. You can make 3D cards that your friends and family will love and display.
Check out the various cards I’ve made. I always appreciate feedback and I’d love to see what you’ve made. Leave your feedback and designs in the comments.

I’ve been making cards for years and have learned a few things the hard way. You definitely want to use good heavy card stock and make sure it doesn’t get wrinkled. You want to use as little glue as possible and before you glue. lay out your design so you glue the correct side of each piece. Excess glue will destroy your hard work. On small areas I use a small bottle with a very narrow tip to control where I put the glue. On larger areas I use a small spatula with a straight edge to spread it evenly and lightly.This keeps the paper from getting too wet and wrinkling. I like spray adhesive, but it is hard to control the amount sprayed and doesn’t always spray evenly. It absolutely needs to be used in a well ventilated area so open a window and turn on a fan.
I will post lots more tips and tricks in my blog. As always, if there are any projects you’d like to learn how to create, let me know in the comments and I’ll post a tutorial on them.

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